I have had the pleasure of coaching a huge array of people of all age groups and ability levels in my career as an advanced PGA Golf Professional. I am really passionate about the game of golf and have detailed some of the client testimonials I have received over the years.


Kevin worked as part of a team of 20 PGA coaches that delivered over 2500 lessons at this year’s Open at Royal Liverpool Golf Club. He was always reliable and punctual with his timekeeping and his dedication to the cause was ably demonstrated on our final day when he coached for an additional 6 hours (in addition his assigned shift) to cover a shortage of coaches. Kevin was always welcoming and instantly got his pupils to relax and enjoy their experience at the SwingZone. His personality shone through on the busy days and Kevin was constantly smiling and always happy to help out where required making him an integral part of the coaching team at The Open. I look forward to working with him again next year at St Andrews (if he applies!)

Further to this, I’ve known Kevin now for over 3 years. His name is always top of the list at Hampshire CGP activates requiring PGA Professionals and he has attended (and contributed) to all the coaches meetings delivered in Hampshire over the past 3 years. This (to me) shows an enormous amount of commitment to his own professional and personal development. I truly believe his knowledge of not only “what to coach” but much more importantly “how to coach” is second to none.

James Morrow, Regional Coaching Development Officer – PGA – South East


I have been having golf lessons with Kevin during the past seven years. He has helped develop my game and taken me from a 30+ plus handicapper to a 12 handicapper….we have worked on all aspects of my game including on course management.
I have always found Kevin’s instructions very clear and he works hard to relate golf strategy to your relative experience and ability. Kevin has a very positive outlook and is always encouraging, inspiring you to keep working at your game through the more disappointing moments!
Kevin is also extremely polite and reliable and does his utmost to accommodate busy schedules and desperate requests….I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin as a golf instructor at any level.

Yours sincerely,

Julie Newbold


From the perspective of working with Kevin as part of the Hampshire county coaching team he is a brilliant communicator whether its youngsters, parents or fellow professionals he is highly respected and liked. He understands how people learn and balances perfectly facilitating self-discovery with a high level of skill in knowing and explaining where learners need to look to improve and develop. 

From a professional point of view he has business acumen, understanding success ultimately is about customer service and quality of ‘product’. Kev sees the bigger picture looks to innovate and passionate about continually improving. I have seen him first hand with business people in a golfing networking group and he creates rapport effortlessly and builds working relationships.
He definitely has an infectious winning and can-do mind set, It’s a pleasure being in his company and as a family man you can see his integrity and character reflected in his boys, I’ve also learned a great deal from him.

Peter Taylor
Director Brilliance Training Ltd
Mind coach Hampshire Golf union and Original thought Golf


I have worked with Kevin for 4 years now and was the interviewer when Kevin applied to work with the Hampshire juniors.
The first thing that struck me about Kevin was how very organised he was and how well he prepared for the interview. Kevin put forward a detailed proposal for the initial School of Excellence program that showed a true understanding for the development of junior golf and for generating a complete pathway for the potential elite player.
From the first session it was apparent that Kevin has a natural ability to coach not only at differing ability level, but was able to adapt to the personality and needs of the individual. This is vitally important in the County set-up with a mix of boys from very different backgrounds.
Each year I have challenged Kevin with working out the practical aspects of the continual development of the training program, he not only rises to this but actively takes part in the decision process with me to make sure each session has a measurable outcome. In fact over the three years, and this coming year I have been tasking Kevin with evolving the program from completely pre-planned to reactive based on the progress of the boys through each session. Kevin’s input has made for an exciting looking winter for the next crop of elite boys.
Away from the golf Kevin is an outstanding ambassador for Hampshire golf in his rapport with the parents and his presence at matches. Always friendly and positive he inspires the boys to achieve all they can and to believe in themselves at all times.
I look forward to working with Kevin for many more years.

Mike Gregory, Hampshire U14 Manager



I am a retired Airline pilot trainer, I took up golf two years ago. I have been coached regularly by Kevin during the past two winters.
At all times I have found him to be very knowledgeable regarding Golf technique. Despite this knowledge he is always careful not to introduce too many elements in a lesson, and will always return to the basics.
He takes me from where I am and lets me know where I am going. He lets me know how I am doing and progresses at my pace. He is skilful in selecting instruction or facilitation giving me either guidance or space to make mistakes and learn by them.
He is always punctual and well organised, having planned the lesson in advance. He achieves a good balance of time spent on the range and time on the course. He encourages me to make notes on my own practice, to self-assess where I need to concentrate my efforts.
Kevin is very patient and cheerful. He is a pleasure to be with and I always look forward to our sessions.

Simon Clarke



I have been coached by Kevin Caplehorn for approximately 3-4 years. He has been fantastic for my game & has supported me pre & post bilateral hip replacements.
He is always so easy going, positive & professional. He explains things in clear simple terms & my swing & especially my short game has improved dramatically. He has worked a great deal with me on my mental game too especially as I lost confidence after coming back into golf from surgery. He always has positive things to say & helps me believe in my game.
I regularly recommend him to other golfers. He is always happy to help via email & phone between coaching sessions.

Kind regards, 

Lisa Cross


Kevin has been one of our coaches for the under 14’s for the past four years, he has worked along side Chris Farr and Mike Gregory the under 14 manager. He was also a Hampshire Country Partnership Cap coach for three years, now that cap is no longer going, he is one of the Union’s Zone coaches.
Over the four years his dedication has been excellent. Most of his under 14’s are now playing for the under 18 top squad. He is one of those coaches that will go the extra mile, he is always at the end of the phone if the boys want some advice.


John Moore
Hampshire Junior Manager


I have known Kevin for 4 years and during this period of time I have had the pleasure of working with him on numerous occasions. The vast majority of time I have spent working with Kevin has been at The Open Championships of 2012 and 2014 during which he worked as a coach on the R&A SwingZone. This provided me with the opportunity to see Kevin in a variety of roles including within a coaching capacity and team player roles through assisting other coaches and working with the public. Kevin on both occasions was a standout PGA professional who conducted himself in an exemplary way throughout and showed excellent coaching practice. Kevin was easily and effectively able to adapt his coaching style/approach to meet the needs and wants of a wide range of participants; the ultimate goal of any PGA professional when coaching. Further to this Kevin easily developed excellent rapport with not only the coaching participants but also the wider team he was working within at both Open Championships. The ability to work both as an individual when coaching and as team player with the other coaches during the SwingZone weeks are key characteristics of Kevin which highlight why we, The PGA, have recruited Kevin to be part of the SwingZone team..
Away from the SwingZone Kevin is very well respected as a golf coach and PGA advanced professional by his peers and well liked. Kevin has a wealth of experience of working with all standards of participants.

Sam Carr, Regional Coaching Development Officer